C/Estepa 1

Villa 10
Urbanisation Can Barras
Port D’Andratx

House phone number 0034 971 671 371

At Airport

Toni0034 607 456 200

Get bags come out inside terminal doors turn left walk down to meeting point sign called “Punto Deencuento” Toni will hold placard out name on about 55 does not speak much English knows where place is.


Useful phone numbers

Taxis que outside nearest supermarket EUROSKI opposite fish market or telephone Toni0034 607 456 200 for airport or Palma transfers. general taxi 971 680 970
Taxi prices approx 55 Euros to airport maybe more for more than 2 passengers. Approx 40/45 Euros to Palma. Prices are illustrated on board by Euroski.

John Lawrence MBE and wife Pam opposite us front door looks at pool 971 671 1190 - 07768 275777 john mobile very nice will always help if they are there. John is President of our community.

Karen 0034 670 555 855 Jamie Hadley 0034 670 980 335 office 971 674 384  opposite large blue port boat pully thing to get boats out water opposite side to the kids play area, called Andratx Property Services girl on desk Amany will get anything to heavy to carry for you, or any problems with the place . English but speak fluent spanish. They also have spare set of keys.

Police local 092 Guardia civil 062

971 628 008 Andratx police

ambulance 061

Emergency 112 hospital is palma

Pac Andratx medical 0034971136763

Restaurant numbers can be found in desk draw top left cubby hole stapled to club de vela leaflets. Also a yellow pages type book in there.

Trablisia Alarm 0034971001165



When you arrive

Hold Large gate key clicker point at gate. It does take time to open you ca here it click. The Taxi can not be in front of the gate as the gates open forward he must be parked down the road slightly.

When you are up stairs to the house and you are by the front door press alarm key smaller clicker UNLOCK symbol before enter. This should make a bleep sound from inside the house and here alarm go off inside . IF not do below:-

Un do lock on front door turn 3 times anticlockwise. Quickly one person only go in and


In kitchen from inside open  2 window and release shutters- then walk outside and secure shutters with side metal bars to stop banging.

Move barbeque out the front door to the front terrace/grass area not the rear patio as smells gointo the house when cook.

Move small wooden table and two chairs to front garden by kitchen window.

Above dresser as walk into kitchen on left wall turn on top button goes RED to activate gate. So people can ring you to let them in. See notes below.


To go out of patio doors and bedroom balcony  doors key is normally at 3 to 9 o’clock horizontal position. Keys remain in the doors. Turn the keys 3 times clockwise to open right hand door. To release left hand one look in centre and will see two sliding top and bottom locks to release. The doors will not shut unless this left door has these fixed back up and down first. Also if place knee in centre of door and push weight on it will find shut easier.


Please replace what you use-water spare bottles kept in downstairs toilet - toileteries, toilet paper, cleaning cloths, drinks alcohol and soft drinks bin bags etc. Bin bags are 20L and 30L sizes. Spare light bulbs are in garage shed or in the draw on the  right hand side of lounge TV unit.

Please use Ashtrays outside.

Mosquito nets take care when opening two clips at bottom. Hold string at bottom and gently lift tuck in net into sides if starts to ripple up. Suggest buy and use plug in mosquito things in bedroom put in an hour before bed take out when get up . Can buy from supermarket.

Gardener will come and cut lawns has to be let in-offer him glass water. If you see him in compound just say numero 10 de-ath, he will come. make mowing like gesture.only speaks spanish.

When moving patio loungers to garden Please 2 people lift over step of patio do not roll down as takes paint off loungers. Best place as flattest is corner left.

Protect inside table with table cloth protector under table cloth, use mats if food is hot all these are in the dresser. Table cloth may be in kitchen draws with tea cloths its burgundy and beige.

No drinks on sofas, no shoes on sofas, no suntan creams on sofa or outside chairs, use towels.




When you go out

Bring in cushions from sun loungers at night as sprinklers will come on and wet grass.

Double lock front door and alarm..

Shut patio shutters. Ensure any open shutters are secure the wind can pick up quickly and the shutters will bang.

If walking keys have a small key for the side gate rather than car gate.

Turn off  AIR CON/Heat works quickly no need leave on.

General use Equipment

Hob- Manual on open kitchen bookshelf

Press circle button with vertical line through it hold down several seconds to illuminate rings  number zero appears for each ring . Hold finger down on number zero of ring you want and keep pressing to increase number 9 is highest. Remember to turn off by pressing circle line through again. Fan has switch on right wall of hob unit. Lock under Hob hood to get lights to work.

Hob Fan is in cooker hood slide number across for light and speed of fan. Also turn light switch on to right of hob above surface. Remember to turn off under hood and wall switch.

Saucepans are two metal bowls they have a handle that clips on and off so they can go in the oven or to connect to frying pan. Pots and pans are in the right cupboard by oven. Chop boards/oils vinegar cerals are in left hand cupboard. Serve bowls in dresser and blender. Measure jug in with glasses. Utensils in pot or hanging up by coffe and tea jars. Coloured orange/green cooking / chopping knives are very sharp.

Oven-Manual on open kitchen bookshelf

The right knob turn clockwise to use fan + symbol most time best setting, if want to grill use fan and grill sign. If turn anticlockwise get normal non fan oven, just top grill settings. All settings will not work unless you also set the left knob which you turn clockwise to set fan temperature.

Turn both Knobs to twelve o clock to turn off.

Dish washer-Manual on open kitchen bookshelf

Quickwash Rapido but not dry well

Delicado glasses only

Automatic okay most general stuff.

If dirty stuff do Pre for 15 minutes then automatic.

Abrillantador- is rinse aid under sink Sal is salt put in if lights come on front dishwasher.

Washing machine -Manual on open kitchen bookshelf

Press Start First, Puerta opens door, Express 40 degree does most things. 2 tablets in bag inside washing machine. Tablets in cupboard to right washing machine. Softner half fill in left top draw of machine that you pull out. Natural Con Veda for towels.

Tumble Dryer

Press Start First, Puerta opens door, Turn to left choose AUTOMATICO SECADO NORMAL position 11 0’clock does all towels most things watch out can shrink delicates put these on airer outside. Other settings do not finish and dryer is still on after a few hours and clothers still damp. If you put in too many things at a time they do not dry 2 towels and it works okay. Two balls inside help make dry better.

To defluff open door and pull top in door up remove fluff after each dry. This is a condensor dryer so you have to remove the top left hand water catcher and empty it after each dry, pull back orange Tab over sink.

Air Con/Heat

Right of Dining Door.

Heat sun sign max set to 20 enough just press on /off button top right okay

4th column Fan setting press to increase speed to 5 bars 2 normally ok turn off when at temp want

Air Con circualate square box and fan on left not apply to our air con/heat so don’t set to these

Humidity moisture is rain drop sign use to take moisture out room- not really used

VERY expensive to use not necessary to run all day, only effective if doors are shut down stairs and upstairs. works very quickly no need to leave on when out in day or night.

Under floor heat bathrooms

If want to turn off do not do by lowering thermostats in bathrooms leave these in set positions please. Master bathroom glass faces 3 o’clock indented circle/arrow at 9 o’clock. To Turn off go to fuse board in kitchen wall bottom left two switches are underfloor just press these down.

Upstairs TV

Notes in top right hand bedside draw with controllers.

Satellite is on channel 14 have to click TV controller to channel 9 then scroll up to 14

Picture is not great

Use Sky controller to find sky channel.

If not work follow in draw retune instructions ( If power failure this TV always needs retuning) leave if problem we will sort when come out.

Downstairs Tv

Turn screen on by pressing in button small rectangle bottom left of plasma screen

DVD and Tv volume satelitte main controller device called DENON must be on to use all 3.

Press red central circle button till goes Blue on.

Press Function button and will see name changing TV/Sat is for tv

Use Sky Clicker controller and press Sky for listings scroll for channel you want.

If no volume press actual DENON Function button till get right channel with volume. If turn large circle button volume may suddenly blare out beware (may blow speakers)


Press on Denon the eject button put in disk push gently to close, if not automatically on DVD change Function button. Use DVD controller by fire to Play DVD or pause etc.


last 4 digits on card if asked for no.- never phone sky to report any problems call us

Can get premier movies and record theses in planner but not pay for box office.

On right hand side of TV turn on button by pressing with finger the circle with vertical line on it from RED off to green which is ON.



Gate Phone

On wall by dresser in dining area first light must be red to answer gate. If some one buzzes pick up phone be forceful not easy to undo phone should then see person in monitor if do not know them don’t let in. Press bottom key symbol to release side passenger gate if person walking. Press second button down to open main gate for cars after 60 secs on viewer will see gate open. It will not open if the person has parked the car in front of the gate you have to tell them to move the car back onto the road then the gates will open forward. If they don’t get this walk down with clicker wave at them like a looney to reverse then press the clicker top button once- the eye on the gates then recognises there is no car there and opens. Written in spanish by gate phone " reverse your bloody car" but in polite english of course.


To connect lift up the small rubber seal at top of bottle and connect to hose. If run out of fuel Petrol station will replace but have to take old one back. Taxi will take you.

Ironing board is in outside back of house up steps behind our bathroom is a cupboard- wedge a brick in front of this as lock is broken. Iron is in lower cupboard next to washing machine. Tempremental so If fuses below go to fuse board and push up whats listed. ie downstairs plugs.


Use Gate clicker to open- our cupboard No 5 is first on left at back ,Use key that says TESSA turn clockwise lock tricky but persevere. Buckets/spades, two sunloungers in there. Spare light bulbs. Fire wood.

When you Leave

Open fuse box in kitchen opposite tumble dryer and turn only two under floor heating buttons off for bathrooms. Leave rest working.

Turn off down and upstairs heating/aircon. By pessing OFF buttons.

Turn off Sky box button red off, Turn denon button goes red and press off plasma screen button bottom left of screen.

Please strip the beds and place with used towels in hall way. Leave beds to be made up by cleaners.

Turn off outside front door lights in hall switch nearest the front door open door to check its off. and Patio lights next to fire on left hand side.

Please empty bins daily and at the end of the stay including bathroom, bedroom bins, under kitchen sink.

Please empty the fridge cupboards of all perishables at the end of the stay old cereals, cartons of milk open juices, cheeses, meats.

Leave dishwasher and washing machine door/ tumble dryer doors a jar. so air circulates.

Bleech toilets and kitchen sink. UNLESS Cleaners come in then leave for them.

Shut all shutters including kitchen from the inside and secure also shut bathroom ones and gently pull down mosquito nets

If fire has been used clear out all ash and throw out.

Make sure kitchen patio doors shut turn 3 times use knee in centre of right door push forward to lock, key should stay at horizontal position 9-3 o’clock.

Move Barbeque in to hallway. Bring in and fold in hall way small table and chairs from front garden leave by stairs.

Close both kitchen curtains only as sun bleeches table.

Bring in all outside cushions and place in lounge by hall doors-stack up.

Stack up outside dining chairs, move patio lounger seats onto patio off grass. As spinkler will soak them.

Turn off Gate phone no lights should be on.

Alarm details WILL GIVE WHEN GO

TAKE ALL BINS WITH YOU -Drive out of the gate past gardens and house on right and will see some bins that you can use or at the bottom of the hill turn right and bins there be careful as on coming traffic.

Gate automatically shuts.

BRING one set of full keys back with gate and alarm key fobs on. Other keys including desk key but in centre draw of dresser.